Our story begins with a mother daughter getaway to the island of Bali over a decade ago. Eileen, a successful business owner of the gift store Queen Eileen's in sunny Encinitas, California for 25 years, had no intention to have the trip with her daughter become a business trip. However, once she caught eye of the tropical treasures, she knew she had to share her findings with her customers at home. She packed her suitcase with beaded bracelets and boy were they a hit! Just a few months later, Eileen was on her way back to Bali to see what other treasures she could get her hands on.

Within that year, her beaded cuffs became her top selling gift at Queen Eileen's. She knew she had found her nitch. Not only was it selling faster than beanie babies in the 90's, but this gave her the gateway to take more and more buying trips to Bali. She had her eye on the prize.

They say all businesses have to start somewhere, and ours started at the Bali beach house. Eileen and her right hand gal, Amy, wanted to explore the in and outs of wholesale business and began selling to their friends who also had local stores in San Diego. We invited them to our "Bali Beach House" wholesale parties on Friday afternoons; each with a margarita in hand while shopping from the woven baskets filled with beaded bracelets. All funds went to opening our first warehouse in Downtown Encinitas, California.

This was the beginning of our journey at Bali Queen. In 2010 we attended our first trade show at LA Gift and today we are just trying to keep our head above water at 30+ trade shows a year. The tin warehouse space has quadrupled in size and our BQ team is the backbone of our company. The gals you meet at the shows are our girls answering the phones at the warehouse. Amy and Shannon are our design team that travel to Bali bi-annually with Eileen to keep our clothing and jewelry designs fresh. At Bali Queen, we're family.

We pride ourselves on being hardworking girls who have built the business around the love for our brand, desire to travel, and building everlasting relationships with our customers. We are filled with gratitude and cannot thank our customers enough for their support. 

Bali Hai!