Our story begins... 

Tucked away in the eclectic beach town of Encinitas, between the famous surf breaks and historic Coast Highway, exists a unique gift shop lovingly known as Queen Eileen's. It was here where our story of Bali Queen began.

During a mother-daughter getaway to the island of Bali, Eileen and Shannon had fallen in love with the Bali heritage and artisan treasures. They discovered more to love about Bali than they could have imagined. Without hesitation they filled their suitcases and brought the treasures back home to share in the Queen Eileen storefront.

Within a year the Bali treasures had caught on like wildfire. As quickly as Eileen and Shannon had fallen in love, so had their friends and customers at home. A few months later Eileen found her way back to Bali and started the tradition of a second home in the islands. 

Bali Queen’s family founded wholesale business was created from the ground up, beginning with local wholesale parties in Eileen’s home nicknamed the “Bali Beach House.” Eileen and her right hang gal, Amy, hosted Friday afternoons filled with Bali beaded bracelets, a few margarita’s and good vibes all around. All funds were utilized to open Bali Queen’s first warehouse in downtown Encinitas, California.  

By 2010, Bali Queen attended their first trade show. Today the company attends 30+ trade shows a year from Los Angeles to New York. Amy and Shannon continue to accompany Eileen to Bali as the design team. The company has also grown to include a team that has become the backbone of Bali Queen, the same ladies you see at the show are the ones who answer the phones to answer your questions and fill your orders.

Our pride is in our hardworking team who love our brand, have a passion for travel, and especially love building everlasting relationships with our customers.

We are filled with gratitude for the support of our team and loyal customers. At Bali Queen, we are a family!

Bali Hai!